We hear the government talking about deconfinement, or at least thinking about it, and while the “C.H.S.L.D.” will definitely be among the last to release the preventives measures in place, we still need to start thinking about it too.

Certainly, some of the measures implemented at the beginning of the crisis are there to stay forever, such as enforcing residents to wash their hands before their meals. Or all the changes we made to our infection prevention’s algorithms concerning preventive isolation and screening tests.

Other measures may be eased over time when the time is deemed safe. This includes restarting group activities or reopening of our doors to visitors. These decisions will be decided at the appropriate time, when the safety of our residents allows it.

One of the decisions we have already made is the use of the procedural mask by employees. Since employees can carry the virus without being aware of it and thereby contaminate our residents, we have informed our employees that mandatory use of the mask during their shift will continue until a vaccine is available. Even if it means continuing this practice for at least another 12 to 18 months.

Unfortunately, our residents will have to get used to not seeing the smile that our employees shows when they care for them.

You must also understand that we will also apply this measure to visitors when our doors reopen.

For now everything is fine, so let’s keep smiling even if it is hidden behind a mask.