2020 will have tested us all to various degrees. The COVID-19 outbreak is now over, and we are looking toward the future. We are back to our “normal” activities.

Normal in COVID time, means with restrictions, to prevent repeating the difficult months we have just experienced. This is the new reality we have to live with.

However, we are starting 2021 with good news. The CIUSSS confirmed to us that the vaccination of residents will take place January 12th. Our residents will be able to receive their first dose of the Moderna’s vaccine. Please visit Health Canada for more information on this vaccine (Health Canada web site).

Vaccination of employees has also begun. When the vaccine is given, we will still have to continue to take precautionary measures. There will always be a risk of the virus spreading among unvaccinated residents or among new residents who arrive after vaccination.

We are planning the resumption of the video conferencing. We must first ensure that the workforce is available.

We will also resume the visits at the Oasis. We must delay it after the vaccination of the residents because we will need the Oasis during this period. We will inform you as soon as we have a specific date for the resumption of these activities.

Finally, we would like to convey to all our wishes for 2021. We wish to you and all your family members health and happiness.