Westmount, March 16th 2020

To all resident and family members

Object: Situation report regarding the measures in place at Château Westmount to prevent the coronavirus (COVID-19)

Dear residents and family members,

Lately, we have received several questions regarding measures taken to address the risk of the spread of COVID-19 inside our establishment. We would like to reassure you that preventive actions have been put in place to ensure the safety of our residents, visitors and employees.

Regarding the risk of a resident having a respiratory virus, we can confirm that employees are trained to identify rapidly any resident who has flu-like symptoms and to implement isolation and treatment as soon as these symptoms appear. In addition, we can confirm that we have sufficient protective equipment to meet the needs. Our supply chain has the ability to continue to provide us with the necessary equipment in terms of nursing equipment, food or household maintenance items.

Currently, our housekeeping team ensures adequate cleaning and disinfection of high touch areas to prevent the possible transmission of germs. We make sure, as we do every year during the flu season that these surfaces are disinfected a minimum of four times a day. In the event of an outbreak of influenza or gastro, the number of disinfections are then increased according to the needs.

We ask, however, your cooperation to prevent the risk of infection. We ask anyone who has recently travelled to areas identified by the Public Health Direction (DSP) to refrain from visiting Château Westmount for a period of fourteen (14) days after their return to Canada. Notice for this purpose have been posted at the entrance of our establishment as well as on the living units.

You can visit Health Canada’s website to find out what areas are affected.


In addition, if you have flu-like symptoms (fever, cough, sneezing, runny nose or generalized muscle pain) we request that you postpone your visit until these symptoms disappear. Rest assured that these rules are also applied to our employees and contractors. We ask families employing private sitter to apply these same rules.

The best prevention method is still a good hand hygiene. The latest COVID-19 data shows that the virus can survive up to three (3) hours on dry surfaces. There is no data regarding wet surfaces at this time.

Hand washing therefore becomes very important. We invite you to visit our hand hygiene kiosk on March 18th and 23rd. We will offer hand-washing training and answer your questions such as wearing a mask or glove.

We hope that this information answers your questions. Please contact us if you have any further questions. As usual, it is not possible for us to discuss the records of specific residents. If you have any medical questions for your family member, please contact the coordinator in charge of the living unit concerned.

Thank you for your cooperation,