Following our publication yesterday regarding the different areas, several people contacted us believing that we had positive cases at the Château.

We can reassure you, no we do not have a case. Yesterday we simply explained the areas on our blog to keep people informed.

The designation of dedicated areas is part of our pandemic plan. This plan consists of multiple different measures that must be applied at key moments and that help either prevent contamination or stop it.

From this perspective, we must, even if we do not have a case, plan in the event just in case.

Good planning will allow us to better control the situation and limit the spread and will not leave us caught off guard.

We are very proud of our employees, because it is thanks to them that we have managed to maintain this perfect score. They make considerable efforts day after day and make enormous sacrifices to prevent COVID-19 from entering our doors.   We would also like to thank you, the support you have shown us confirms that we are moving in the right direction.