It is with great pride that Ms. Zara Pilian received on behalf of the employees of the C.H.S.L.D. Château Westmount the medal of the National Assembly of Quebec which was presented to her by Ms. Maccarone, Member of Parliament for Westmount-Saint-Louis this past October 22nd.

The medal was awarded for the efforts and achievements of the entire C.H.S.L.D. Château Westmount team during the pandemic. Especially during the first wave, where no cases were recorded.

Even during the outbreak during the 2nd wave, employees got involved to ensure their presence and even increase the number of resources on the affected floors without resorting to outside help.

Even today, the C.H.S.L.D. Château Westmount is distinguished by the involvement of its employees by posting a vaccination rate of 100% among them.

The C.H.S.L.D. Château Westmount would like to thank all its employees as well as the residents and their family members without whom, these exceptional results, would not have been achieved.