Unfortunately, we have a small outbreak of COVID-19 on the 4th floor. With the rise of cases in the community this is likely to happen more often despite the prevention measures in place.

At the moment we only have five (5) residents who have developed symptoms and are positive. As a precautionary measure, we screened the entire 4th during the weekend. The good news is that we didn’t have a new case.

We will retest the 4th floor Wednesday, July 27th, to make sure there has been no further contamination.

During this period, we ask unaffected residents to wear a mask when they leave their room. They are not confined but as a security measure we have restricted their access to the main dining room to reduce the risk of spreading the virus to other living environments.

For affected residents, the isolation period is ten (10) days. If after these ten days the person no longer has any symptoms, he/she will be able to get out of isolation. The vaccination schedule for these individuals may be modified. This remains to be confirmed.

For visitors, there are no additional restrictions except for people visiting affected residents. They will have to follow infection control protocols to enter the room.

We remind everyone that it is IMPERATIVE not to visit anyone at the Château if you have flu, gastrointestinal or COVID-19 symptoms. If you have tested positive you must wait ten days before coming to us.

Thank you for your understanding