Following Premier Legault’s announcement, we are in the obligation to tighten the measures in place for visitors and residents in order to reduce the risk of  outbreak of  COVID-19 and the new variant.

We must now ask residents to wear masks when they leave their rooms.

  • Visits will now be limited to 1 person at a time for a maximum of 4 different people per day. This includes private sitters.
  • Visitors will no longer have access to the common areas. They will only have access to the resident’s room and lobby. This includes private sitters
  • All visitors must be doubly vaccinated. This includes children. Visits by children under the age of 5 will not be permitted until further notice.


People who do not respect this instruction will have their visiting privileges withdrawn. We have had several visitors who have violated this guideline. We are sorry but we need to be firmer in the future to avoid another outbreak.

These new directives enter in effect on Monday, December 20, 2021