Finally, this is the long-awaited moment, we will open the garden for visits from family member starting Monday, June 15, and this, seven days a week (7/7). On the other hand, there will be rules that you will have to follow.

  1. As with video conferencing, you will need to register in advance via an online booking schedule, the time slots for visits are 45 minutes. We must allow 15 minutes between each visit to disinfect the tables.
  2. A maximum of two visitors per resident will be accepted, in order to respect the social distance required by Public Health;
  3. Hand washing and the wearing of the mask and gloves that will be given to you at the entrance to the garden is mandatory;
  4. There will be no contact with residents;
  5. If you bring gifts, you will have to leave them at the main entrance for disinfection, they will be given to the resident later;

You must understand that our residents are still at risk. Having had no contamination inside our walls, they do not have antibodies to protect them. We have therefore developed these measures to allow the families and our residents to be closer together without sacrificing their health.

In addition, since the visits will allow up to six (6) families at the same time, we will have to reduce the number of videoconferencing. We will only have one tablet assigned to Zoom conferences (so 1 employee) per day during week. In order not to penalize anyone, we will cancel the meetings already booked for June 15 and subsequent dates. Those who still wish to take advantage of this mode of communication will have to re-book a date on the calendar.

Please note that the web address of the calendar has changed. You can go to the new calendar by clicking here or by copying this link in your web browser:

See you soon