Hello to all residents and their family. My name is YaXuan Sun – your new dietician!

I am a native Montrealer. I completed my undergraduate in dietetics program at McGill University. I am eager to return to Montreal after several years of schooling and employment in NYC, where I studied under renowned faculty at Columbia University and worked at a similar rehab and long-term care facility in NYC.

I had the privilege of applying advanced theory to a diverse inner-city population with complex pathology. I am now honored to have the opportunity to bring these knowledge and experience to Chateau Westmount. Unfortunately, due to this current COVID-19 pandemic, I am not able to greet all of you in person, please be assured that we will continue implementing food safety measures to protect our residents and please don’t hesitate to reach out to me about yours or your family’s special dietary preferences, or just to say Hi!. Will be looking forward to meeting each one of you in person!

Thank you for your understanding and stay safe at home.

Ya Xuan Sun, P.Dt, MS