It seems that the news site “Global News” used archived footage shot at the C.H.S.L.D. Château Westmount during the award ceremony of the medal of the National Assembly to fill downtime in their report on the poor conditions imposed on foreign workers with temporary permits.
We would like to clarify that we do not have any foreign worker with such work permit. This report was in no way related to our establishment.
In addition, we never allowed Global News to record shots where residents were visible and identifiable. We contacted Global News to express our outrage at this situation and asked them to remove the video.
We are currently awaiting their response.
Our privacy policy prohibits such a practice. And even though the situation is out of our control, we are very sorry and we are actively trying to correct it.
If any of you wish to express your dissatisfaction, we invite you to contact Global News.
Thank you for your understanding

Update [2022-04-12]

Global News was contacted and agreed to remove images of Château Westmount which had initially been included in a report. Thank you for your understanding.