Number of active cases

Number of active positive residents

Number of active positive employees




Yesterday we screened the 3rd and 4th as well as the employees in general.

We have a lot fewer positive cases on the 4th floor than we expected.

We moved some residents to accommodate the three new positive residents in the 4th floor’s hot zone.

We also received two new positive results on the 3rd. This will unfortunately delay the decontamination of the unit; it was originally planned next week. On the other hand, 4 other residents have completed their isolation period. We only have 9 residents of the 3rd who have not yet been repatriated to their respective rooms.

We hope to be able to close the3rd floor’s hot zone in the week of December 7th and proceed with the total disinfection of the unit.

Once again, it is with sadness that I announce an additional death. Our condolences and thoughts go out to family and friends.

We also had a few more employees who tested positive. However, many are already back at work.

All in all, all is going well. Next week, we will continue to proactively screen other units (2nd and 5th).). 

Have a nice weekend.