Number of active positive residents

Number of residents recovered




Number of active positive employees

Number of employees reinstated



During the holiday season we did several prevalence tests, and some residents came out positive. However, only 1 person has symptoms. All the others are asymptomatic.

The same goes for employees. Although we have some employees at home, we have not had a service breakdown and all care continues to be given as usual.

The good news is that we are beginning to complete the isolation periods for the first people affected. This week, the majority of the residents and the employees will have completed their 10 days of isolation.

We continue to screen the affected floors as a precaution every 3 days. We currently have:

2nd floor: 14 active cases

3rd floor: 5 active cases

5th floor: 2 active cases

And yes, No case on the 4th floor. Prevention measures are still in place on this living environment to reduce the risk of contamination.

Thank you for your cooperation,