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The peak of the wave seems to have passed at Château Westmount, thanks to the efforts of employees, residents and family members. A big thank you to all.

Tomorrow the 13th we will reopen our doors to visitors. However, it will be necessary to respect certain rules:

  1. Only 1 visitor per day can come to the center. Maximum of 4 different visitors allowed in total
  2. Wearing a mask is MANDATORY AT ALL TIMES
  3. You may have to wear some PPE depending on which unit you are going to visit
  4. Visitors only have access to the resident’s room
  5. To respect the curfew, visitors must leave no later than around 21:00
  6. Visitors must present proof of adequate vaccination
  7. Visitors with flu-like symptoms, COVID or gastroenteritis will not be admitted.

Anyone who does not comply with these conditions will be expelled from the centre and their visiting privilege will be revoked.

We have had a few positive cases during prevalence testing, but we are heading in the right direction. Several people asked how periods of isolation were assessed. Here is a brief summary.

Positive resident:

10 days of isolation from the onset of symptoms or positive test result if asymptomatic. Isolation is lifted on day 11 if the resident has not had any symptoms for at least 48 hours. If the resident still has symptoms on day 10, we keep them in isolation until they disappear + 2 additional days

Resident exposed:

14 days of isolation from the beginning of the date of isolation of the last positive resident on the living environment.

Official end of outbreak:

28 days after the start of the isolation date of the last positive resident of the living environment.

Hopefully this helps to better understand Thank you all for your support and collaboration.