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Following the screening we did in the 2nd  floor after a case was detected we had results that may seem alarming at first.

Almost all of the2nd floor came back positive (20 residents out of 28). This does not surprise us considering the type of clientele. Indeed, the majority of our 2nd floor resident are loving people who like to touch others and walk around a lot. It should be taken into account that only one of them has symptoms.

The2nd floor is therefore considered a large hot zone and we proceed in reverse isolation for the 8 “unaffected” residents.

We also have a case on the 5th floor. We have tested the entire 5th floor today and we will have more information tomorrow.

We have put in place measures to reduce the risk of spread, including the use of plastic cutlery.

We had a meeting with Montreal Public Health today. They came to assess the situation and make suggestions to help shorten the duration of the outbreak. We have a video conference scheduled tomorrow with CIUSSS to discuss options. Once a common strategy has been established, we will keep you informed.

We have a total of 5 deaths out of 55 positive residents since the outbreak began.  Some people contacted us to ask why there were differences between our numbers and those of the government.

The government’s figures reflect yesterday’s situation. I pass on the situation as of the day I send the post on the blog. In the head of the post you find the active case figures only.

I hope this answers all the questions, otherwise don’t hesitate to contact us.