Active cases



Active cases









Experts from Montréal Public Health and the CIUSSS du Centre-Ouest-de-l’Île-de-Montréal are on site today to help our caregivers enhance patient isolation protocols. As a first step, the movements of residents between rooms have been curtailed.

As well, from now on, a resident who tests positive for COVID-19 will be kept in isolation in his / her room.

In keeping with these protocols, residents of the 4th floor who have been displaced will not be returned to their rooms until their quarantine period has elapsed. Residents of the 2nd and 5th floors will remain in their rooms. Rooms where residents who have tested positive reside have been tagged.

The number of active cases and recoveries shown above are sent to provincial authorities daily before 2pm so they may appear in the provincial tally for the next day.

Château Westmount was featured in a recent news report. Relatives of one of our residents said they’re concerned for their loved one during this difficult period. We understand and we assure you that all residents are receiving the same quality of care that was provided before the pandemic struck. Château Westmount remains unwavering in its commitment to ensure the security and wellbeing of all residents. We have the staff and the resources to ensure this.

In fact, additional staff are on duty on the floors where residents are isolated and every effort is made by our activities staff to keep them active.

By the time you read this, a major cleanup will be underway on the 3rd floor. Rooms and corridors are being disinfected and residents who have completed their quarantine are being returned to their familiar surroundings. The disinfection of a room can take from 45 minutes up to one hour and the cleaning of common areas, much longer. We thank our staff for their efficiency and their diligence.

We recognize that the challenges we all face are physically and emotionally taxing, but rest assured that Château Westmount is there for your loved one.

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Thank you for your interest and for your support.

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