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Yesterday and today we had discussions with Montreal Public Health and CIUSSS of Central West Montreal about measures in place and possible improvements that could help us break the spread of the outbreak.

The findings of these two organizations showed that the measures put in place respected good infection prevention practices. Some changes to the display or concerning the elements used to separate the different areas were made as a result of the recommendations we received.

We looked at different scenarios for grouping clients according to their time spent in isolation. We concluded that the creation of zones on the affected units was the most viable because it maintained the level of services and insured an optimal quality of care.

So tomorrow we will bring together positive residents in two new areas on the 4th and 5th.  The deconfinement already begun on the 3rd floor will also continue.

We would like to thank CIUSSS for its support, both operationally and in terms of planning.

Following the last screening, we received 10 new positive results. We also have several residents who have completed their 10-day quarantine period without experiencing symptoms.

We try to minimize the impact on our residents, especially for those who have to temporarily move to another room. We try to contact all the families of the resident who have received a positive result every day. If we have not been able to reach you during the day, we are sorry, please contact us.

We ask other families to be patient as we may not be able to respond to you with the diligence you are used to.