Active cases



Active cases







25 (+6)


We are pleased to report that the situation remains stable. On Tuesday the 15th, we recorded but 3 cases during prevalence testing (testing of unaffected residents).

The official count of recoveries has been reduced by 2 following the hospitalization of a resident for problems that appear to be unrelated to COVID. The active case count has been adjusted accordingly. Another recovered resident succumbed to unrelated health problems. Since this person he had just emerged from isolation, the number of deceased has been adjusted as well. Condolences on behalf of the Château Westmount community have been expressed to the family.

The number of deaths related to COVID now stands at 11. Our friends will be greatly missed, and we will keep in our hearts the memories of the good times we shared with them.

We are pleased to report as well that there are fewer employees on leave and that services have not be significantly affected by the absences. Care is being provided as usual, even if it takes a little longer because employees must don fresh protective gear before entering each room.

The 3rd floor has been reopened and residents can move about the common areas. Access to the common areas of the ground floor will be restored once all residents have recovered.

Residents in isolation on the 2nd floor will conclude their quarantine this Friday. Our teams have already begun disinfecting operations. Common areas on the floor will be accessible once the cleaning operation is done.

Finally, our heartfelt thanks go out to our indefatigable activity leaders, Amanda and Kim, as well as to all who visited residents to keep bodies and spirits invigorated.