Again, COVID-19 hits us in December. We must announce a new outbreak that began on December 24 on the 2nd  floor.

As of Today, we have 3 positive residents and 2 employees. All of them are doing well and only the resident who initially tested positive is symptomatic.

The analysis of the situation seems to demonstrate an entry vector that does not come from our employees.

Stricter measures are now in effect for the 2nd.

Visits are suspended for the 2nd floor.

PPE is now required for workers of the 2nd  floor and they cannot be moved to other floors.

Follow-up screening tests will take place in the coming days. We will keep you informed of developments. The positive side of all this is that almost all residents and employees are triply vaccinated. This reduces the risk of transmission and complications.

We remind you that WEARING A MASK THAT COVERS THE NOSE AND MOUTH AND THAT GOES BELOW THE CHIN IS MANDATORY. Combined with proper handwashing, these measures represent the best prevention against transmission.

Thank you and have a happy holiday season