Last Thurday, we received a resident from Hotel-Dieu (MUCH), and as usual we asked for a test to be done before transfer.

Unfortunately, they did not do it and they transferred him telling us he was negative. But the last test they did was in the 9th of May.

Our procedure indicate a 14 days quarantine on arrivalfor any new resident, and this was done as soon as he arrived, we also did a test since it hasn’t been done by the MUHC. We received a positive result the same day in the evening.

At this point we increased the isolation measures in place and created a hot zone with the adjacent rooms.

The fact that the resident was negative twice before, and had no symptoms, means he was probably a false positive.

Scientific literature has identified a few cases around the world like this. It seems that the test pick up residue of dead virus left in the lungs. They are detected long after the negative test because of the time it takes to moves those debris up the respiratory tract.

The “Santé Publique” consider those case has non contagious. But since we prefer do more than not enough, we treated him like a positive.

The isolation protocols were followed and dedicated employee assigned to this resident only.

Therefore, the risk of contamination is extremely low.

Our employees have been trained in isolation protocols. We also have implemented many measures weeks ago to prevent contamination from an employee who could be an asymptomatic carrier (change of uniform, wearing a mask at all time, etc.)

Like we said before, we are prepare to deal with a positive carrier. Since we isolated the 4th floor, decontaminated elevators, which we do as soon as a resident in isolation need to take it (ex: coming back from a test, new resident arriving at the Château), there is no possible contamination toward resident from other floors.

Resident will be tested today. They will need to stay on the 4th floor till the result come back (probably tomorrow).

As for the employees, since the resident was on isolation on arrival, they do not need to be reassign or stay home. We will test them too, we are waiting for information from the CIUSSS as how they want to proceed.

Either we test them ourselves or the CIUSSS organise a clinic for the employees.

None of our employees are symptomatic and all of them are questioned before each of their shift as part of our standard procedure.

The resident was sent back, after many hours of discussion with the MUCH, Friday evening.